Prayer for my wife to find a new job

by Rick (Cinci, Oh)


I pray that You will guide my wife to help her find a new job that will make her happy and ease the turmoil in her mind. She has been so miserable in her job and received no recognition for her years of dedication to a company that has asked more and more and given less and less in return. I know in these days it should be a blessing just to have a job, but she just cannot bear it much longer.
Lord, please help her to see that she is not alone, and that we love her. Help her to feel Your peace and love for her. Help her to be thankful for what we DO have, that You have given us, our home, family, and each other.
Guide her in her search, Lord, that she can find good employment that will satisfy her and serve Your purpose as well.
Lord, I also would like to offer a prayer for the unemployed people here, and everywhere. Though I am working now, I have known their pain. Be with them, comfort them, and help them find what they need.
In Your Son’s name,