Prayer for my son who is going through a bitter divorce.

by Maria Nancy (Florida USA)

Heavenly Father, I place my son in your loving care. Only you know him and the difficult life he was living with his wife. You know how he tried to keep the peace. Lord, please be merciful to him, I know he has failed at times to ask you for the graces and help, but he now turns to you asking your help to have his divorce settled peacefully.

I ask you to soften the heart of his wife, who now is seeking vengeance, she has risen against him, making this divorce bitter and painful. But Lord I believe if You are with us, who can be against us. Nothing is impossible for you. Mold her into your peaceful ways and instill, love and peace within her.

I ask Our blessed mother and all the angels and saints, especially St. Jude, the patron of the hopeless to intercede for me. Lord please let this matter settle peacefully without malice and hatred. I make this prayer in the holy and powerful name of Jesus. Amen