Prayer for my son to get the job he is interviewing for today…

by Wanetta (Toronto, ON Canada)

God, I know I don’t pray or thank you as often as I should for all of the blessings that you have brought into my life, but I am truly grateful for them and know that you are behind the wonderful life I am here to live. I only ask that you please be with my son today as he interviews for this job of his dreams, a career he has wanted to pursue since he was a child, a firefighter to do good for others and be the giving, caring and loving man that my family and I have raised him to be.

He wants this career more than anything and I ask that you, dear Lord, be with him today to find success in this interview and be hired by this Fire Department to begin his career, to fulfill his childhood dream…I will be eternally grateful for your spirit being there with him and giving him the confidence, knowledge and strength to be the young man that they are looking for to become one of their firefighters now, in this round of recruits.

Thank you for giving me such an incredible gift in my wonderful son, and I want his dream to come true and he be hired as a fulltime firefighter with this department he is interviewing for today. Thank you dear Lord for listening and for going in spirit and strength with my son today, and everyday.

Please help his dreams be realized today. Amen.

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