Prayer for my sister that she will pass the Philippine Bar Exam ( Oct. 2014)

by Necille Ynque - Insong (Dubai, UAE)

Lord God, I pray for my sister Nelce Gay that shes taking the bar exam this Oct. that you will guide her, enlightened her with the gift of knowledge & wisdom during her exam. And send the Holy Spirit upon her.

I pray also Lord God for the success of the 2014 Phil. Bar Exam and ask for guidance & protections to all the examinees & examiner as well.

Lord I know You have better plans for my sisters career. I pray that she will pass the bar exam so she can enjoy her chosen career and to have a good job that she can apply her profession. And also be a good lawyer.

Lord I know youre the source of everything and I thank you so much. And this we pray to our Almighty Father with the Intercession of Our Mother Mary. Amen.

For this Lord please hear & answer all my prayers.