Prayer for My Parents to Accept My Boyfriend

by Isabelle (Singapore)

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for allowing me to have a safe day today. I thank you for introducing Your child into my life. I humbly come before You today as I would like to pray for my parents to accept my boyfriend. My boyfriend’s immune system is not that strong. When he was 10, he experienced depression and that cause his growth rate to slow. He could have reached 172cm.Compared to others, he is not very tall. In fact, he is 160cm, as as me.

When my mum saw him, she told me this is not possible because she will prefer my boyfriend to be tall and gives off a secure feeling. Lord, when he entered my life about a year ago, it was amazing. I found someone who I can talk to , someone who appreciates me for who I am. We started dating about half a year ago.

During this period, he is the best thing that has happened to me. Father, I went through one relationship where my ex was violent towards me. It took me a while to recover and I do see why he wanted to break. It was because it wouldnt do us good for sticking together. Although I did not know You back then, I thank You for seeing me through those hard times.

The breakup was hard, the tears were real. Still Father, I see the reason for that separation. And I thank You for that. But for this time, I hope You can help me and my boyfriend to tide through the obstacles ahead of us. It wont be easy but I believe with You, everything will turn out fine.
In fact, Im not from a Christian family but through him, I got to know You. I got to know Your goodness, Your love that is so unconditional. I got to know of Faith. Through him,

I see life differently. I thank Father for bringing him to my life. Pardon my greediness, but if You can, please give us some miracle. Allow him to have the strength to go through the obstacles laid for us. Allow me to never lose faith in Your goodness, in Your plans. Father, if we are meant to be, please make all things possible for us. I pray that he can grow taller, stronger.

I know it could be impossible. But I believe that, with God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, please guide us through. Please give us the strength to walk through this journey. With Your grace and mercy, make things possible for us. Lord, i know there will be tough days. But I truly hope the ending would be a beautiful one.

And we will further need Your strength and mercy during the tougher times. We will be working on this too, to allow my parents to look beyond the physical but to the personality that shines within him. But with that, we will need Your grace and Your mercy to support us.
I thank Father once again to allow me to meet such a great boyfriend. But if You can do more, I pray for a great ending. Lord, I really do. In Jesus Name, I pray. AMEN.

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