Prayer for my husband to fall in love with me again

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for all you have done, and I thank you because I am not alone in this fight to save my marriage. I know you are with me and for me and my marriage.
Please Lord, touch my husband’s heart, and let him see and feel his love for me. Lord, please keep him away from adultery or other things that prevent him to fully commit to our marriage. Keep him away from any thought, any person, any feeling that is making him doubt that our marriage can be saved.
I ask you Lord, to make me the wife you want me to be, and to make him the husband you want him to be. Lord, I come to you Lord, with faith that you will bring our love for each other back to life, the same way you brought people from the death back to life. I trust in You Lord, and I am waiting on your blessings for my marriage.
In Jesus name I pray,