Prayer for my exboyfriend

by Vanessa (USA)

Lord, Thank you for everything you have done for me. When I was in heartache, distress, betrayed, cheated on, deceived, relentless, and hopeless you helped dig me out and as I stumbled when I began to walk you gave me strength, and when I ran out of breathe and fell back down you carried me.

You helped me get through the most difficult time in my life and I couldn’t have done it without you and have come to realize now more than ever with you everything is possible and without you nothing can exist. Thank you Lord for carrying me when I had nothing left to give.

I also want to repent for all of my sins. All the wrong that I have done I want and strive to be better but become to easily tempted at times. I repent and I am truly sorry Lord.I want to do better and be better for you and those around me.I want to live more like Christ and do your will. Lord please guide me in being more like you intended me to be by keeping me in the right path, keeping the right people in my life and letting go of the wrong people in my life.

Lord I thankful for the clarity you have given me and I would like to pray for someone to attain the same clarity as you have extended to me. I pray that my ex boyfriend sees all the harm he had done by making bad choices and all the people he has hurt because of them. I pray that you fill him with the holy spirit to remove the curse in his eyes that stop him from seeing his actions and the people he is hurting so that he may repent and take responsibility for his actions. I pray that you show him the love he had for me and bring him back to me. I pray that all communication barriers become removed and all things keeping us apart all barriers become removed so he can find his way back to me. I pray he is protected from all those who wish him harm and are using him. I pray for a hedge of thorns around him so all that tempt him looses interest in him and he comes back to me. I pray all evil around him that is clouding his perception thoughts and sight leave his body and surroundings so that he can be freed from temptation. I pray all the negative people around him are removed from his life who are influencing him wrongly so he can see clearly and I also pray that he is able to leave without any bodily harm/ safely. I pray you help him find his way to me and I know only you Lord can make that happen because with you everything is possible.

Please Lord thank you for your many blessings continue to bless all those in my surroundings myself, all those in need of your love, all those who curse me, all those who love me, all those who are searching for clarity and the truth, all those blinded by love, all those who make excuses for others, and all those who don’t know any better. Bless us all we all need your blessings from up above. Lord thankyou for everything you have done so far for me and everything you are about to do. I pray I depair leaves me and happiness finds me. Lord you know my heart and my situation please bless me, help me, and help him.

In Jesus name Amen

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