Prayer for my emotionally distant husband

Father, with heavy heart, I ask for your divine intervention in my home. It was you all through lord,how we met,how we fell in love with each other and decided to tie the knot. How you made my visa approved by the UK embassy and I in no time relocated to join him.

Lord we were excited as days came nearer for us to see but the zeal was lost when I got to the UK. Father,its our second week together and we have been living like flatmates. He openly said to me that he’s no longer in love with me. Dear lord,put the devil to shame. Rekindle that fire of love that burned in us. Restore our lost glory lord. Whatever image the enemy might have placed upon me and make me repulsive towards him,father,take it permanently off me and let him see the woman he fell in love with.

Teach me the ways of a virtuous wife and help me be the best wife I can be to him. Father, I need my husband back. I want us to laugh together again. I want his passionate touch again. I want to see love in his eyes again. I want him to tease me again.

Help us both to work on restoring our marriage. Give me the patience and knowledge to deal with this situation. Upon us Lord,pls let the sun shine again!

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