Prayer for my daughters interview

by Inez Bruwer (Durban SA)

Dear Lord

You have heard my prayers Lord and are giving my daughter this opportunity to go for an assessment for a new job, Lord out of all the jobs we have applied for this job is the one that came back with this opportunity and I feel it was your hand in this. Please help her through the assessment on Monday and Lord if it is your Will then it will be done.
There are a couple of things she may have a problem with Lord but I trust you will guide her and give her what she needs to progress to the next level.
I pray for your guidance and thank you Lord for this great opportunity.

In my own life Lord you have given us great opportunities to build our business and taken us from strength to strength and I trust in you explicitly to get us through our rough patch in August Lord.

Thank you for all you have done in our family Lord and my personal struggle with someone who has hurt me badly, I do forgive them Lord but the hurt is still very deep. I trust you will work in her life when the time is right Lord.