Prayer for My Brother’s Healing and Removal of Cancer

by Sharon (Trinidad)

Dearest Jesus, I offer up this prayer for my brother who is scheduled to undergo laser surgery on March 6, 2013 to remove a cancerous growth on his colon. He has been told by the doctors that this surgery is necessary. I pray that everything will go well and the cancer will go away with this surgery and there will be no need for any further treatment.

I pray for his healing dear Lord. I pray that you give him the strength that is required at this time. I pray that you rest your miraculous hands upon him and guide the doctors as they perform the surgery to make him healthy again.

These prayers I offer up to you as I sincerely believe in your healing powers. I pray that my family and friends will continue to rally around him at this time. Jesus Lord our Saviour please hear all our prayers. Amen.