Prayer for Husband in Court

by Ranjeshni (Fiji Island)

Dear God,

I pray for my husband who has been scheduled for his hearing in court tomorrow 31st Jan 2017, i desperately ask for your divine intervention. I know Lord Jesus that he has realized his mistake, he may not be completely innocent and not completely at fault either, you know the situation under which circumstances he did what he did but he has realized and i ask you to forgive him and give him another chance so he can stay with us and support me and our child.
Father, i pray that this case be dismissed and i ask that no charges or punishment be laid against but husband but that your favour will rest upon me, my husband, our baby and my entire family in Jesus Name.. Dear Jesus i know that you are always faithful to those who are faithful to you and i know that my fating and prayers to you will not go in vain but that you will make us more than a conqueror, you will fight this battle for my husband and give us victory, please give me peace in my heart and mind so that my faith shall not falter and i know Lord Jesus that tomorrow is going to be a great day of Joy & Victory for us and we shall magnify and glorify your name for ever & ever, in Jesus Name i ask and pray Amen!!