Prayer for help from hatred, victimisation and frustration by my boss

Everlasting father, you asked me to stay on this job but all I have seen since then is intense hatred, victimization and frustration from my boss. I have been subjected to the worst kind of humiliation, denial of all rights and privileges yet I have held on because you asked me not to leave. I am constantly disgraced, humiliated and put down as nothing is ever done to empower me to perform my job. I am programmed to fail to give him a cause and reason for his attitude to me. The shame is too much. The humiliation is too much. You oh Lord are an ever present help in time of trouble. This is time of trouble oh Lord. Arise in your might and save me. Rescue me from those mightier than I and from the deep and intense hatred of my boss. Let me not be destroyed and consumed by this man who hates me so much Lord because I still need the job. Arise on my behalf oh Lord and put an end to this tyranny. For you sit on high and rule in the affairs of men. Arise oh Lord to my rescue. In Jesus name. Amen.

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