Prayer for Help During Confusion in a Relationship

by KR ()

Dear Lord,

I am lost. I need Your guidance in my life. Through all of my relationship troubles I know You have kept a close eye on me and helped me through it all. Right now, I ask You for another favor and to be done at Your own will.

I am lost and confused. The guy I am with may be unfaithful to me and I am never treated and respected as I should be. I know I deserve more, and I know You are trying to help me understand I need to move on. But God, I need just a little more help. I am drowning in my own thoughts and I can not seem to catch my breath.

I am broken and I need Your touch. I trust in You, my Lord, to guide me to make the right decision and get my life back together wether my man be in it or out. I trust in You God, to lead me to great things.

I trust in You to help me with all of my confusion and heartbreak. Thank you for listening as always God.

I love you.

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