Prayer for forgiveness and second chance

by Kristina ()

Dear Lord,

Forgive me, for foolishly neglecting and taking you for granted in my life. Countless times that you have saved me from danger, unimaginable situations, for everything. And yet, I did nothing in return to show my gratitude and sincere faith to you.

Lord, in the near future that the time will end, please forgive me for being a sinner. Forgive me for saying bad words. Forgive me for cheating. Forgive me for having false tongue to my brothers and sisters with You. Forgive me for not helping the needy. Forgive me for having inappropriate thoughts to my fellow brothers. Forgive me for being lazy and procrastinated. Forgive me for disrespecting my parents. Forgive me for disrespecting my sister and all other relatives. And most of all, forgive me, oh Lord, that I have forgotten and ignored Your Holy Day.

Lord, as I seek for forgiveness, let me promise to You, in the best of my abilities and with Your help, I can go in sin no more. I will correct whatever damaged has been made and I will change for the better. With the help of Your most Holy Name, all of this will be possible. Thank You for unconditionally loving and guiding me.

I Love You, Lord!