Prayer for fast recovery of my father

by Hazel ()

Dear Lord, You are mighty and I know nothing is impossible to you. I humbly pray to you to heal my father with your healing and caring hands. He’s now in the hospital abroad and we, his family, are not with him except my older brother who’s the only one there with him. Please Lord, heal him. Be his strength, Dear Lord, and never leave his side. Make him feel that you and us, his family, are always there for him even though his overseas — and we love him. Please Lord, help my family, my father. I pray to you that his illness is nothing serious and that he will be okay as soon as possible. He will be healed in Jesus’ name. I will claim it for this is possible to you! Thank you Lord for every blessing you’ve given to me and to my family. Please be the center of my family. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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