Prayer for Courage to Start Driving

by Kay Jay ()

Dear God, please may you grant me the courage to start driving very well. I have driven a number of times accompanied by my brother but I just want you to grant me the courage, serenity and take away any form of fear or nervousness that surrounds me when I drive.

From Monday the 2nd of September, I will be driving to work unaccompanied for the first time. Please dear Lord, be my guide, strength and companion. Please dear Lord, it is my wish that I am able to drive unaccompanied, so I can become independent and I can also help the family members or any other person who may be in need of driving.

Father forgive me my sins and please do not let them serve as an impediment to your answering my prayers. Have mercy on me dear Lord. All these I ask through Christ our Lord. Amen! Mary my dearest mother please intercede for me.