Prayer for an Amputee

by Annie (Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines)

Dear God,

We surrender to you your servant, my sister, Sharon. She is still suffering from a non-healing open wound since May 20 when her left leg was amputated because of diabetes. The wound is not responding to all the medications given, it continues to rot.

Lord, please cast away the source of all her pain and heal her. Make her healthy again and normal as it used to be. She is 36, still young and we want her to live more years for her daughter. We want her to have a second chance. You are our only hope dear God for there is no one greater than you. Only your healing hands and words can do miracles for my sister. I trust you dear God. I know that whoever asks from you shall receive the blessings from heaven.

Please help me pray for Sharon, dear brothers and sisters. A prayer brigade would be a great help for her.


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