Prayer for a miracle for our urgent need of money

by Stephen (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

O God, merciful Father. You know all things, You know that I am in urgent need of money to pay overdue bills and outstanding rent. Times are hard. Business is tough. I am short of cash. I don’t know what to do, whom I can turn to. I am at a dead end.

I have only You, merciful Father. I know that You hear me. I know that You love me. I trust in You. I humbly and urgently ask in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ that You grant me the miracle of a financial breakthrough. I know that I have not always been faithful to You. I have often sinned. Please forgive me for my shortcomings.

My dire financial situation has been going on for far too long now. It’s affecting my health, my emotional and mental well-being. I can’t sleep at night. I am often depressed because of the situation. I find it difficult to focus on others and serve Your children as I should because my mind is always occupied by the financial obligations which I constantly struggle to fulfill.

I should be thanking You every day for the beautiful family You have given me: a wife and three children. I should be thanking You for the gift of faith and all the graces You bestowed upon me. I love You, Father. Help me to love You more. Help solve my financial problem once and for all. Please do not despise my request, hear and answer me.

It’s more for my family; my children; their educations and needs. I want little for myself.

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