Please stop animal abuse in all it’s form all over the world

by Kiah (San Diego, CA)

Dear God,

I pray everyday and my heart hurts so much that there are times I cannot deal and my tears burns my face. I ask in prayer that you will please stop all animal abuse in all it’s form throughout the world. I ask in prayer that you please have the individuals involved to open their eyes and heart, soften their understanding and let them see what they are doing that causes so much grief and pain to animals that cannot speak, but can show their distress. These wonderful creatures you gave to us, cannot speak for themselves so I will speak on their behalf. These beautiful creatures you have shared with us and asked us to be good stewards over, we have failed tremendously. I ask from the bottom of my heart that these evil hands that torture these unspoken angels that you gave us to protect and take care of from heaven above, please give these individuals a change of heart and open their eyes. I leave this tender request in your hands and pray in Jesus name, Amen.

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