Help with inspections & appraisals

by Evakatherine (NJ)

St. Joseph, please help our house to pass the home inspection, get a good appraisal, and receive a Certificate of Continued Occupancy.

I am so nervous over these things, it’s making me sick. I know that I shouldn’t worry, but should just place my trust in you, and in the Lord.

Please I earnestly beg you to watch over our house and the people doing these inspections, so that everything goes smoothly.

Please watch over me and give me a sense of peace in my mind and my body. I need your help St. Joseph, but I do acknowledge that I surrender to the will of God, so I will accept what may come my way, knowing that God will only provide me the best of possible situations.

Thank you for your help and love. Amen, and so it is.

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