Heal My Pastor!

by Vanessa (Bunkie, La USA)

Heavenly Father, God Almighty, our Creator, the Great Physician, in you alone I seek refuge, for you are Sovereign and so Holy! Lord God in the name of Jesus the Christ, I ask that you touch my Pastor with your out stretched hand and heal him of his infirmity of any cancer. Father I know that all things are possible through you, there is nothing that you will refuse to do in your righteous will. Therefore, unselfishly, I ask in Jesus name that You, through your power and my faith heal your servant, my Pastor. Father God, fulfill your works through him. Allow us to see the manifestation of you word in his life. I pray long life with him and the blessings of good health and prosperity. Almighty God, every tongue that rises in judgement against him, I thank you that thou has already condemned. Lord, exalt thyself in a miraculous healing-spiritually as well as physically in your vessel. Father, be glorified through the words of his testimony as he continue in his good works into you and for your people. Father, build him up where he’s weak and manifest your good report of total restoration. Thank you Jesus, for the renewal of faith in your people as we see again the works of your power by healing a devoted and loving man of God , our Pastor. Father we will give you all the glory, honor, and praise. Amen

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