Heal me Lord and allow the bleeding to stop.

by Brittany Vibson Grayson (Ahoskie, NC 27910)

Dear Most beautiful, precious, lovable and mighty God, I come to you as humble as I know how Lord. Lord, I ask that you heal my body. Please Lord, allow the bleeding and clotting to stop in the mighty name of Jesus.

Bless me Lord and heal me. Please Lord, allow me to be able to leave the hospital today, please let everything be fine when they check my cervix. Please Lord, allow me to see my beautiful kids, niesces, nephew, brothere and sisters get grown and prosper.

These Blessings and all others that we ask in your name Jesus, AMEN Please Lord allow the man that shot himself to be fine Lord, if it’s your will Lord I count these blessings done in your most precious, lovable, caring almighty name, Amen!!!

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