Family Issue

by Derwin Brown ()

Please touch and agree with me concerning my Ex-wife YaKika Thomas/Brown and my sons Tramaine & Tyler Brown. My son Tyler told me today that he wanted to kill himself because he’s tried of all of the crazy things that are going on at his mother house and that there’s no peace over. I prayer for YaKika to be whole in herself from pass hurts and other things. We are in the process of heading to court because she had lied over and over again about back child support (over $50,000.00) and this has cost me jobs that were offered to me. Plus legally l need to get custody of my boys because she had been mentally, emotionally and physically abusing my children. I want to do this the right way but l can’t continuously watch my boys suffer from her bad action.

I don’t know if she’s mad or just jealous because l am happily married and have another child. But l can’t understand why when she’s the one who left and cheated on me. However, l need some spiritual wisdom and financial resources to attain an great attorney to represent me in court. We have been divorce over 10-yrs and enough is enough.

Thanks in Advance,

Derwin Brown

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