Your will be done, Oh Lord

My uncle is unwell and has been for. Over a year now. In and out of the hospital. His health keeps deteriorating.. a wonderful person who always lend a helping hand to those in need.. he had developed liver problems yrs ago due. to excessive alcohol consumption.. cos. Of bad marriage (wife’s greed &infidelity).. out of unconditional love for his sons & dear ones and will to live a good future. he has been clean for over 15yrs but recently had to undergo tumor(brain TB) surgery.. the post surgery meds we Nt prescribed keeping in mind his liver issue which then resulted in ascites.

Now hospitalized, the doctors said he is developing borderline kidney failure.. he has to undergo liver transplant.. his only chances of surviving.. a family member hs cum forward to donate a part of liver.. he is confused and I can see that he is losing hope. Afterall he would never want anyone to bear his pain. I come from a broken family my father was a drunk who physically & mentally abused my mother .. my uncle was the pillar to help my mother n my sibling get through in life. I am ever grateful.. u know Wat I mean a man who decided to make a change in his life for his family.. he needs all the blessings n prayers. I sit by his bed feeling helpless. .. I pray that he doesn’t lose hope… I have tried to stay strong.. but now lately I find myself stumbling.

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