Your Will be done, Lord

by Samantha (Fort Wayne, IN, USA)

Dear God,

Sometimes I feel like I am weak and cowardly when it comes to seeking discernment and wanting your will to be done.

J and I have been together for a little over two years, and despite everything that I think I could do or say, he has not proposed. He said he would, even announced it in front of some friends about 5 months ago. But time keeps ticking away and I am starting to think that he is making a fool out of me. How long do I have to wait? Should I wait? Should I move on?

I love him so very much, and admire him. I am trying to trust him when he says he will propose, but I feel myself get upset every time I hear about another engagement. I am ready for my life to start.

Lord, please hear my prayers and heal my hurting heart. As much as I get scared that it means I won’t be with him, I pray your will be done.

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