young daughter motility disorder

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for over 10 yrs she has suffered, major recent surgery, we pray for a miracle, the best dr’s haven’t any answers, I trust our great God and ask for his mercy and healing for our daughter

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  1. Not Alone

    Dear God,
    Please help this mother, daughter, and their family to find peace though your love and guidance.


  2. Prayer for Answers

    I pray that the white light of the Holy Spirit surround this child. I pray that answers are found, that the Lord brings together this family with the right doctor that knows the answers, that brings relief and comfort to this family.

    In Jesus’ name,


  3. Prayer for Healing

    Dear God,

    Please help this family during their time of great need. They have called out to you. I know you are there with them and will not let them down.

    Please help heal their young daughter of her ailments, let her to know your peace and surround her with your love as she goes through this difficult time. Please remove her suffering, guide her doctors in finding a successful treatment, and bring peace, patience, and understanding to her other family members as they do their best to help her. Please send them the support they need during this time and provide them with the answers they seek. I pray this prayer in Jesus’ name.

    Thank you, Lord, for all you do. I know you’ll help this family and all those who suffer when they come to you for shelter & respite. I pray this prayer with much love and hope.


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