You will blessed whisper words of wisdom forever with all the people

by Jeanine (53202)

You will be blessed if you whisper words of wisdom; always I promise you that. You will be forever young, if you are the guiding light of your children.

Say it loud enough to be heard otherwise it’s a war battle. If you tell a lie; and jive talk you will not stay alive. The true stair way to heaven; don’t you wanna go. Is sharing. if you engage in separatism, you will truly be judged by the content of your character. Everyone in the world is born with one hundred percent humanitarian rights. Good fortune and wealth means nothing without truth, hard work and struggle.

I have a dream; that all people will rise to the mountain top. In which this direction will lead to happiness, sunshine for all. Please lord god let up pray! Fore, subjectivity leads to injustice for all and objectivity leads to justice for all. May I surrender and repent.