You know my heart and you know all the desires within it

by E. (Australia)

Dear Lord God,

You know my heart and you know all the desires within it. But you also know whats is best for me.

I made the mistake of having sex before marriage and you know that theres is now a little baby boy inside of me waiting to be born to this world.

I pray that you protect this sweet childs of mine and keep him safe and in Your loving arms all the days of his life.

You know the hurt and confusion my heart is in. Im in love with the father of this baby yet we are so young. I desire for him to be the one my heart is longing for. I desire for us to be a family and for us to grow old with one another, so Lord please if its Your will – answer my hearts cries.

Please turn His heart back to you. He made a commitment once more and I pray those seeds you sowed in him will grow in fertile soil like your scripture mentions. Soften his heart towards you oh Lord. Bring him back to you.

Please lead him and I out of temptation. Please get rid of any person in either of our lives that will is temptation or causes the other to grow anxious and uncomfortable.

I pray for honesty. I pray that the truth will come out. And Lord God I pray that if he isnt the right man for me that you will cause something to happen that cannot be ignored nor excuses created. Lord God if enough break up please protect my heart. Please keep this baby in my care. Please if anything happens and we arent mean to last then have it be done before this baby is born.

Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers,

In Jesus name I pray,