You know my every need, Lord I pray

by Dr. A. L. Runnels (San Antonio, TX)

God, thank you for loving us. Thank you for providing all we need. Thank you for your gift of Jesus and his example of unconditional love and sacrifice.

Thank you for the example of how to trust in your path, how to walk in pain and suffering like Jesus did. Thank you for knowing what we need even if it doesn’t match with our wants. You know the desires and motivation of my heart better than I know them.

I know that no person can ever fix or fill an empty place in my heart or home and I pray that the desires of our hearts will be changed to coincide with your very best will for our lives and how you need us to live for your greater purpose. You created us for worship and love and there is none above you, all things are possible through you. You know the plan you have for us, and it is for good.

I pray that you would change the desire of my heart if it’s not in your plan for us to have a child. Please use our situation to glorify you, make the tears, the hurt, the desperation count for some greater good outside of ourselves. If we aren’t going to have a child, I pray that you would change my heart, my thinking and understanding towards full acceptance of your plan for our lives and marriage. We are here, waiting, willing and desiring to fulfill the call you’ve placed on our lives. Let it be so, amen.

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