you failed at giving me my

by Flossy Ann Archibeque ()

Please pray God gives me what I absolutely need since He doesn’t want to cure me of my depression and anxiety and I don’t want to walk around for the rest of my life wanting to kill myself every second of every day. Because that is how I feel when He doesn’t give me what I need to have to numb my pain. Oh sure, He could have fixed my mood disorder but nooooooo give me something no one understands that I have to deal with it alone and I tried to turn to you God and you didn’t care did you. No you didn’t care! You want me to suffer! Thanks alot. You have accomplished your goal. Take all your anger out on me why don’t you? Oh thats right you are doing that. Some loving God you are. Yeah right. You’re the least loving anything I have ever known. I’ve known psychopaths kinder than you. Yeah, ok like I’m going to worship some God that never answers my prayers and watches me struggle and suffer with life. Forget you. I’m converting to a different faith. Anything would be better and more effective than praying to You.

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