You are the first priority in my life, Lord

by SR (Singapore)

Lord! You are my present helper in troubles and in all through my life. You are Father who supply my needs and provisions of my life. please forgive my sins and I shall forgive others as You forgive my sins. Please forgive my doubts, unfaithfulness, and insincerity and laziness in carrying out my duties to you and my family. kindly heal my sickness throughout my body which hinders my every step forward. I am willing to workhard for the sake of my family especially my daughter. though I am forsaken by my husband, I believe that You are my father and caretaker fulfilling my every needs of my life. please help me to overcome my debt, loans and all financial crisis which kills me every second. I put you first in my life.

You are the first priority in my life, Lord…please help me. I am really scared and feel shy to face people even my husband who treats me a borrower. I have none other than You to help me deliver from this problem. You are a miracle working God….I trust You that nothing is impossible for and with you! Please listen to my tears and pains and prayers,Father….in Jesus Mighty name I pray..Amen

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