You Are So Awesome Lord!

Dear Lord, Again, I want to thank you for all you have done for me. You made it possible for me to find a companion to enjoy my company with. Thank you for a little money to help me put away in savings. Thank you for helping my daughter finally find a job.

Thank you for the decent and good boyfriend she has to keep her in line. Thank you for not allowing that terrible thing I have worried about not to come back on me. That is my biggest concern and you have kept that from me. You have been so generous to us! I praise you and I am so grateful for what you ready have done for me.

My Lord, all I ask of you is to allow me to move on with my life without worry of things coming back on me. That is so important in my life and I don’t want something like that to interfere with my life. I have already lived three fourths of my life and what time I do have left I want to live it in happiness and do not want something like that to shorten it. Please help my daughter get her son back from those dreadful people who tell lies about her. His other grandmother has problems and she is in no way someone who should have him at all. Please make things right and bring him back to us.

All this I ask in your name, Jesus! AMEN

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