You Are My Strength

Dear Lord, You have helped me a whole lot through all I have been through and I have recieved a blessing from you. You have protected me so far and you have given to me hope for new love in my life. All this has been very important to me, Lord, and I thank you very very much. I feel so blessed by you and I am so grateful to have you back in my life again. I will continue to serve and to worship you my Lord. You are my foundation that keeps me going. You have lifted me from ruin and hopelessness. You are my Saviour, Lord!!! I bow down to you and will always be faithful to you. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me and helped me to overcome issues in my life that could have destroyed me. It is through you that I had to learn to change my ways and become the Christain I should be and you love me unconditionally. I look to you for guidence and for hope and you are all those to me. Please remain with me until the storm in my life is over with. I pray I can retire and be safe from all that. I want nothing to happen before then. I just want to lead a happy life. For it is in your name I pray, Lord. AMEN

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