You are my only Hope, Father

by Sandra (New Zealand)

Lord Jesus you are my only hope. In 2010 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma a cancer of the plasma cells, that attacks my immunity and bones. Over the years I have received various chemotherapy treatments and have suffered spinal collapse, loss of sensation in my feet and lesions (holes) in my hips and pelvis. Doctors now tell me that if my current treatment fails that they have no more options for me and I should sort out my affairs and make arrangements for my children.

I am a single mom and my children are dependent on me, I ask god to hear my plea and as I reach out to him that he would touch me and heal me completely. Father I claim the word where it says by my stripes I am healed, I ask that your healing will start to manifest in my body, that my medical reports will come in line with the word of god. Father your word say nothing returns to you void.

I believe your word father and I believe that you hear my plea, Strengthen me and my children in our hour of need, don’t let my children become motherless. These things I ask in Jesus’s precious holy name. Amen