Yearning to Conceive a Child

by Candace (Detroit, MI)

Lord you know my hearts desires and you said that you will give me what it desires.

Lord I come to you as humble as I know how to thank you for what your going to do in my life. I thank you for preparing me and my husband to relieve the fruit of my womb, a child of GOD and a love of our hearts.

Lord if it’s in your will, Lord you know I will follow you all the days of my life. I thank you for acknowledgement in knowing that you are the reason for my life and everything I have and hold. I Love you Lord sincerely for all that you have done for me.

I am grateful for all the things that you’ve done because I know without you my life is meaningless. I thank you for my trials and tribulations for all the test that I ‘ve been through and the wisdom to know the difference. I love you Lord I and I thank you, In Jesus name, Amen.