Would like to see an end to this predicament I’m in.

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Please pray that God allows me to end my own life. I cannot play this game that I was put into, since being born into this world. This judgement game between Him and Satan. I do not want to be a part of this whatsoever. I am twenty something years old and I am of no use as someone who is more than twice my age is supporting me. I go to church and walk out the same way. I do not see or feel any purpose. At least not in the sense of someone like me having a job/career, traveling, and maybe supporting the person that is supporting me. Basically me being of some use. I do not fit in at church (though for some reason I keep finding my way back over there) or anywhere. I feel that I have no place as this world keeps moving quickly around me as I get older. A part of me feels as if the Good News in the Bible is a cheap love story. I have grown up living this lazy, sedentary life only to be helped by certain people and I need to get my own standing.

I have a terrible past that is really hard to get over. Both over things others have done to me and what I have done to others and myself. Even facing certain death at one point over my poor choices. So much time, energy, and money was used for me yet I have not been able to pay anything forward. I have a condition of the mind that needs to be taken away. I have to start functioning before it’s too late.

I would like for God to let me end this life. End this game. End this cycle. But without the eternal punishment. With annihilation of the soul perhaps or having no soul and there being nothing at all, as it is with animals.

Also pray that I do find a sense of purpose, have my own place, and be of some use. Pray that I see my worth as I wake up every morning. Thank you.

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