would like my husband back

by Nikki (Selden, NY)

My husband suffers from depression and anxiety so we have been separated about a year i still see him, but he lives in a clinic apt homes. I was really understanding i paid for his dog grooming classes and he still wanted to live there while we applied for couples housing as he told me. He has this pattern when his family comes back in his life he pushes me out goes for councilling less, takes medication different times. Then he calls me up in a hospital ward or at a AAA and his family is not there to support him at all. It’s happening again and i see him less and less, he jumps through hoops for everyone including a stranger except for his wife. I tried to tell him i had a miscarriage when he lived in a mental health housing, we lost a child. He just blew off what i said…like always. He thought once if i wanted kids i should go have them with someone else because of my age. I know he was depressed when he said that. ..but IT still really hurt. How do you talk to a door when it shuts on you? Even I’m physically sick with stress every day. I still really love my husband. So i would like for him to stop jumping through hoops for everyone except me, his wife. If wanted to marry a dolphin i could have just moved to Seaworld lol but i was wondering if God, Jesus and the angels could help me with this task?

Thank you

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