World Harmony

by Ann Marie LeGaspe Acosta ()

Who am I? What do I know? Why do I judge? As many questions have been answered there are still as many unanswerable ones. The answers coming from so called people we accept as global experts defining & directing our time in this world. History proves that nothing is definitive as each day brings new information that dispels our lifes truths.”Truths” based on society’s perspective & acceptance. Even at this moment someone out there is marking “mistakes” in the way I’m conveying my thoughts. And for some reason I have been convinced to believe that you & I should try to live by these facts, rules, rites, wrongs. Comparisons, differences, perfection constantly influenced by individuals I have allowed to choose what I say or do. Their “truth” to make decisions for my life. Classifying good, bad, and everything in between. What is possible or impossible. Ruining hope for myself and maybe yourself. Well , that is until now. I pray to a God whom I wonder was created by. Who created God? Where did the Gods of the world come from? Who wrote each of their bibles? Who introduced/ invented religions? The rules for each of them as to when, where, how, & who to pray to? So many questions! Knowledge isnt always power. In my case it almost completely ruined hope and harmony for me. I yelled out , “God! I dont believe in you!”. But yet I still pray. Continue to bless myself, my sons, my loved ones. Recognising my hypocrisy. Because i must believe in something if I’m having a conversation with them. With that being said, I have also choose to utilize all the “truths” and knowledge that have touched my life to ask God and Satan to stop being hippocrates themselves. One revels in our sins while the other would like us to be sinless. But they themselves are not “perfect” by their own standards. So I have been praying for them to compromise. To lead the way by example for the rest of us. Because harmony and balance is neither for or against and allows the human spirit to open itself up to a broader understanding of one another void of label based categories or judgements. I have not lived thru every century on every continent in every situation imaginable. I would never want to remove hope from any one’s spirit. I know for a fact there are exceptions for everything. So I pray for a peace in each of us, to help decipher sides of each others stories past, present, and future. I give thanks to God for the ability to thoughtfully share my opinion of a prayer. Hopefully without disrespect for the faithful and with grace. For my love of this world and those in it extends beyond typical value placed upon us and in most environments. Whether we believe in a male /female or other God, spirit, energy, vibrations, light. May it help us to lift up one another without need for praise or recognition. God bless me, god bless you, and god bless the devils too. Amen.

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