Work-related issues

by Sharon (Trinidad)

Dearest God,

I offer up these prayers with the sincerest hope that all my work-related issues will be resolved. Please help me to obtain the assistance and the know-how that are required to carry out the assignments under my portfolio. Please help reduce my co-workers anger and outbursts when things go wrong; I pray that they will turn towards you instead for guidance and assistance. Please help my Department and the Division as a whole to work as a team in the best interest of the Organization. I pray that the Managers of the Division will do their part in ensuring that the Division is run efficiently.
I pray that each and every member of staff will give their best effort at work and take full responsibility for the duties assigned to them – a fair days’work for a fair days’ pay. I pray that every member of staff will show respect for each other and that there will be an end to the gossiping, skylarking and disparaging and hurtful remarks. I pray that the Managers and Supervisors will learn to be better mentors for their junior staff and strive to bring out the best in them. I pray that customers will understand that there are processes to follow and realize that some delays are beyond our control; please also help them to exercise patience Dearest Jesus.
I sincerely offer up these prayers, Amen

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