Workplace/Job Stress

by Tars (MS)

Please pray for my strength in the Lord. I am thankful that I have a job.

Forgive me Lord for all of my sins…. Lately, I’ve been saying that I hate my job-saying it a lot… Forgive me Lord…. I’m still on job probation and I don’t won’t to get fired…. I have a very difficult boss-she’s unreal…. My co-workers are back-stabers,etc. One in particular has a throne in my side, trying to get my job by telling my boss lies about me because she’s afraid that she’s about to loose her job and she wants my job…. There’s a lot to disclose that’s going on this job…. I feel weak, stressed, depressed, frustrated, sad, crying, etc. I’m tired….
My six month probation will be up next month and I’m going to look for another job…. I pray that God guides me to the right employment as well….
Please pray for me….

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