Workmans comp case

by Don white ()

Praise the lord I’m praying 🙏🏿 god to intervene in my case and get it settle this month or first week of next month.ts been one year I’ve been hurt on my job and laid off without pay. Workmans comp denied me my pay but after like 8 months offer to settle but not for what I deserve. and to me my lawyer is not doing good job I feel she just want me to take anything. o just heard back from her last week it’s been too months I haven’t talk to her I was waiting there next settlement offer! but not want I want it’s not fair my back still messed up after year. I told her to go back and ask a little more.because she keep telling to take money and run because of I have see a board doctor or a judge I will loss they won’t like me. so I’m praying 🙏🏿 she can get me $55 thousand. I got a letter today from her telling that workmans comp set up an appointment with a board doctor on oct 6 but she did not say if the offer is still on the table! I am worried because doctor can rule against like she said.hes not for the injuries I see he’s for the company I read his reviews they praying 🙏🏿 the settlement offer is still on the table for 55 thousand like it should they already offered it I don’t to have to see that doctor. can rule against van loss and that won’t be I got I deserve to get payed it’s been one year with no money from them. I been laid off without pay! I’m praying offer this week if not and I have to see him I’m praying 🙏🏿 to work the doctors heard before on my side tell them I’m still hurt and can’t work they have to pay me much more a few hundred thousand dollars. praying 🙏🏿 Jesus name for it to go all in my favor feeling like it’s end world got the letter today from my lawyer saying workmans comp set up an appointment day that board doctor.epecially after already offered my money not what I deserve still offered showing they are guilty know I’m really hurt. praying 🙏🏿 that work it all out in my favor? also for y’all to pray over my lawyer Karen bilodeau. because to me she’s really not my side. I pray the offer still on the table before have to see that doctor I would take it now.

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