Working things out with my ex

My ex and I dated for a year and then have talked on and off after that. I’ve always been praying for him to come back and for things to finally work out with this. After this last time we stopped talking I prayed that God would only bring him back if it was God’s will and he was going to stay this time.

About 3 weeks ago my ex came back saying that he was ready for a serious relationship with me and that he wanted to try again.

Things were good for the first week and a half but then I got back into my old ways of getting upset about stupid things and being insecure and I think that it’s really scared him off bc we haven’t really talked a lot these last few days and he’s been kind of ignoring me.

I know what I’ve done wrong and how to fix it. I just want another chance to prove to him that I have really changed and I’m not insecure or upset all the time.

If you could please just pray that he isn’t gone for good and that he’ll come back and let us work this out.

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