Work and Financial breakthrough deliverance

by Zandile ()

Farther God in heaven and prayer saints 🙏 🙌 I come before you at this time seeking rest and encouragement and prayer of agreement for breakthrough in area of employment, work and finances. Lord i have now been out of work for 4 years and life and development has been challenging and limiting a forward and build view…family 👪 responsibility to take care of and children to enable for education and clothing and food supporting husband and other family members with needs and just being a general blessing to others has become challenging. Please Lord as your children and Christian ✝️ 🙏 😢 we are encouraged that we do not live in a worldly economy but in God’s economy so please Lord, I pray humbly and ask that you move in an unusual way in my life and grant me favour and blessings and turn my situation around….bring about a turn around Lord, even people thinking of me and providing me with job opportunities and offering that are good and I can add value and make a difference and build and be a testimony once again of God’s goodness 🙏 🙌 and mercy.

I need your help Lord, I need your protection Lord, I need your deliverance Lord and I need your restoration Lord in my life and family 👪 🙏 ❤ life. God forgive me for my sins or any waywardedness in me, cleanse me afresh and fill me with your holy spirit…give me wisdom and discernment in every thing I do and situations I am placed or faced with…reveal any negativity or ill-willed people towards me or my family and protect us against evil plots and evil people….

Lord your words and promises through your son Jesus Christ and by the blood on the cross gives us hope and encouragement that we come boldly to the throne of grace so we may find help and healing and wholeness…here i am Lord as your child and servant seeking your help, support and intervention to move in an unusual way in my life and bring about miraculous breakthrough and change for the better.

Strengthen my faith and trust in you Lord….let me continue to seek you and let me find you…father I pray for changes and protection with those changes and you being my guide and confidant and counselor and comforter. Release blessings and favour Lord in my life so I can continue to be a vessel and channel of your love -peace- ☮ ✌ ❤ and grace in human form…holy spirit move in my life and my family 👪 life even today Lord. You are a great and awesome God and I thank you in advance for the prayer of agreement and prayer of alignment that will be made manifest in my life.

Lord thank you for the prayer saints that will too be praying with me and for me. By the gesture of their kindness and generosity through this offering and intercession, may you show favour and kindness and blessings in their lives and families lives as well.

In Jesus Name I pray and believe. Amen and Amen

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