With communication comes healing

by PJS (UK)

Dear Lord,

I am walking a very lonely path at the moment. I need your help to carry me out of the darkness.
Due to fear, love and stupidity I have caused so much harm and pain to those I care most about. I did not want to inflict this suffering on them or myself.

I man I care most about has cut all ties to me. He no longer wants me in his life. I knew he was scared about our relationship, I knew that he was affraid of letting himself give and receive love. However, I pushed him too far.
I pray that you see your way to giving him the strength and courage to reconnect with me again. I want the opportunity to make this right with him, to apologise.

He is a wonderful man, who gets lost easily. He needs to feel unconditional love.

I want to make things right between us. Lord, I trust the path you have set for us and I trust that you can accept that my intentions are pure.
Please have mercy on our souls, hear my prayer and reunite us. Even if it is only to say goodbye without any regret.

In your name I ask for this opportunity.