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by Sarita ()

Please pray for me to receive forgiveness, As a result the lady Irene Taylor next door that does not believe in God has managed to hurt me. I am not crazy but I am being scratched on my body. Somewhere I opened a door to sin. This lady has been focusing on me for over 10 years. She is unstable and the devil uses her. She attacks my neighbors and me. But I live beside her, our homes connected on 1 side. She bangs on the walls until I called police to make her stop doing it but she really has nor. It’s been 5 months I was ok. She has this wooden African deity on her front porch facing my front porch.
She has been obsessed with me since they moved here next door in 1990. Things have come to a head and I can’t find rest. I pray/praise and take communion, yet this woman and these spirits invade my home. I beg of you to pray against the forces of hell railing against me, satan is using this unstable woman to attack me. I need it to stop. Father promised in Isaiah 54:17 that No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Wherever I have sinned or erred against God please pray the Lord forgives me, show me my transgression that I may repent and that door to the devil be closed so that this woman can’t be used to attack me.

Also since Mom died in 2008 My home has been under attack, I am one of many homeowners caught in predatory loan against a mortgage servicer that tried to illegally foreclose on the family home, and they committed property tax fraud. I been trying to get into a program to save family home. Please pray I receive breakthrough from the HomeSaver program something Biden put in place which is nation wide to help homeowners (google it for anyone reading this prayer that need help for a home to be saved), I need an attorney person(s) to help me as home needs to be quit claim deed house to get in program quickly. Being severely hindered in my efforts to get free attorney city resource help. I am disabled, handicapped age 55 and need help!
God said he would never leave me nor forsake me and I believe that. Pray that the Lord Strengthen my faith to stand firm and confidently, putting on the Whole Armor of God protected by the Precious Blood of Jesus

Please pray for the Victim Legal Network of DC that they will help me Monday April 26th 2021, they did reach out, Pray for Matthew who took my information, such a sweet young man at Victims Legal Network DC. Please pray they take my case to help me against the predatory lender, my niece taking me to court and yet stalking me, victimizing me, stealing my mail, against the lawyer that preyed on me.

Please pray As I am going through so much. I am saved, I am a daughter of the King. I only recently discovered my calling as a Evangelist but have not stepped out into it. COVID has made seeking a church not doable. I don’t qualify because of my medical condition to get the vaccine at all.
My niece Karon is taking me to court June 4th 2021, she tried to take over my home, verbally attacked me, put a false TPO order on me. In it she said I practice Witchcraft, and I see demons, she lied saying I bullied her, she lied and said I left my home and disappeared for 3 years and she had to take care of my home and paid all bills and mortgage for 3 years alone in her TPO court papers. I loved her like a daughter, but she use to sit in her back room and watch very demonic disturbing programs especially Japanese Anime and Manga cartoons, like 1 she really liked called SoulEater. She watched TV shows like Supernatural (about 2 young men that use spells to defeat evil forces) and Lucifer(about the demon in human form as a police detective) and The Walking Dead (about zombies in the earth). Karon was obsessed with such shows. I tried to bring her to Christ she was not interested she lived with me for 8 years. Until the Holy spirit told me to get her out of my home, as she was opening spiritual doors that were dangerous, in hindsight I realized she too was practicing Witchcraft as well as the lady next door to me Irene Taylor.

Please pray as I as of this writing have no representation for court in June against Karon. Since she left, someone broke into the house. I left for 2 weeks because I was afraid to stay her after she left. Her threat to me was “I was keeping a roof over your head” The former lawyer I had Charles Walton, betrayed me and took advantage of me. I had no idea probating a home only takes 2 weeks. I hired him in 2018 he never did anything and took over $3045.00+ dollars from me. He kept coming up with excuses as to why the house probate was taking so long. He even used COVID as an excuse. I now think my niece was working with him against me to put me in dire stress. Please pray that my divine helpers will locate me and not be hampered in helping me. Please pray the false accusations leveled against me that are now court record will be demolished and turned into foolishness and dismissed by the Judge on June 4th. My niece has been stalking me since October 2020 when she left my home. She has the TPO order on me and knows I am alone. Since then she been having cars sit outside my home. Only after the fact did I realize she was abusing my cat when I was not here. She is stealing my postal mail things that are vital to me staying in my home.

I know God is greater, stronger, bigger and sovereign. Please pray against the forces of Hell using KaRon Haper, Irene Taylor and Charles E Walton to come against me, abused me, stole from me practicing sorcery against me. Karon too I believe is a practioner of some type of Witchcraft. God said in his word he would save the lost, that they would repent and come to him. Pray that their minds be loosed from the mind blinding spirits that have them bound. That truth honesty and Justice prevail. Please pray that the strong anointing of God would come upon me to rise up and with the Help of the Holy Spirit I cast satan under my feet. That the heavenly host and Saint Michael and my guardian Angels moving on the Word of God move on my behalf and fight for me. Jehovah Gabor (God of War) rise like a mighty man of war and fight for me in Jesus Name! Please make corrections to prayers as necessary. I have strong faith I do. I ask for healing from my health issues and my eye site glaucoma really minimal and it’s not my portion. I want deliverance and healing and justice in Jesus Name! Please pray I receive more strength, to crucify my flesh, as I get a spiritual call to awake at 4am to pray and I struggle with this. Pray protection over me all prayers please pray thank you. I know scripture I am so tired today. I could have written this out better with scriptures. Sorry to sound afraid and desperate, please intercess in prayers for me thank you

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