Wishing I didn’t feel so isolated from my family/kids/grandkids

by Sheryl (Toledo Ohio)

Lord, I need you more and more every day, I know I am sinful please forgive me, help me to fill the empty void inside my heart, please provide me with my family, love, financial situation, a place to call home again, the struggles I’ve had to endure, help me to make it right, for only you my father knows my true HEART, I want my daughter back n my life,. And my son’s,…and please Help me to be respectful to my mother, I love her she is one of thee, most strongest lady’s I know, I only want to feel wanted & loved again, please bring our family close dear God,. Also please watch over all my grandkids, protect them from any harm , give my daughter the sight and hearing she needs to, have, to let go of some people who, just don’t belong n her life, she and kids need love happiness, in Jesus name Amen, and Lord, for my son’s,let them be happy healthy, and always provide for there family’s, Amen , I want to see myself & my mother happy again as well thank you, father, I know you will provide nothing more than good. Amen

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