Wish for a healthy baby to be conceived this year and delivered next.

by BR (Mumbai, Maharashtra India)

Dear God almighty,

We thank you for everything you have granted us in life. The beautiful childhood, helped to get us married without problems, help to convince our parents of our decision and gifting us a happy married life. In the same we God, we now plead you to complete us with a healthy baby. Grant us the happiness which only a baby can give. . ‘

Take us through in these difficult and uncertain times of life. Heal us physically and spiritually to invite our own baby into our world. We have been waiting with faith in ur judgement and believe that u will make this happen. Forgive our impatience some times and give us ur beautiful gift.. It’s getting late in worldly timings for us now.

Please don’t delay further and help us to make our parents happy and content with the good news of our little bundle of joy… Please help us and guide us oh lord. …

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