Win PCH sweepstakes &healing

by Antionette ()

I’m praying for a finanacial blessing threw publisher clearing house for me and my son my husband really not there for us if something would happen to him he,s leaven every thing to his 48yr old daughter also for my health so i can see my son grow up he,s9yrs old and a nice car my husband wont let me drive his he wont let me go any where unless he takes me. please come in agreement with me.

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  1. Only Happens By "God's Gracious Grace"

    Our Heavenly Father Provides us with food, clothing and we are to be content!!! Period!
    We were called and created before eternitys past meaning before humanity was created, the only thing God touched in creation as all others were created by Words and Shouts. Remember, Praying to win pch for $ is of the flesh not of thou Spirit as we are to live in, Praying, Acknowledging God in ALL things, Being The light in this world, keeping your flavor (Being The Salt), and doing the Will of God, not your will, my will, or earthly desires. Abiding by His Word and Commandments, and Following Christ’s Ways, by 1st and foremost, You Shall Love Thy Heavenly Father With all your strength, Mind, Heart, Spirit And Soul, 2ndly, Love Thy Neighboors As Thyself, 3rdly, Always be ready willing and able to help those in NEED, NOT WANTS, By denying yourself, being humble and meekful worrying more about others than thyself. People, God created His Son, Through the Holy Spirit, Born A Virgin Birth, The Lord And Savior of this World! Believing without question, that Christ Died for OUR SINFUL NATURE, To free this world of SIN, by being OBEDIENT, RIGHTEOUS, PERFECT, WITHOUT SPOT WITH COMPLETE HOLINESS. Still being rejected by His people (Israelites) who in essence, riled up the multitudes, accusing Christ of Blasphemy by stating He IS THE CHRIST, (Son Of The Most High), which caused the Romans to Crucify Jesus, with hardened hearts, 3days later, God’s indwelling Spirit Raised Jesus From Thy Grave Conquering, Death, Raised in His Power and Glory,, all part of God’s redemptive plan, as His Own Son was the perfect sacrifice, to appease God’s wrath on Humanity’s sinful nature, and through Christs Blood, our sins (They who believe and have faith & follow the Word Of God) have been atoned for and He paid a ransom for many more to come seeking His name and ways.
    Please, don’t mistake, your wants and desires, with more importantly, God’s Will and Word. God see’s all, hears all, knows all as He is a SOVERIGN GOD, ALL KNOWING, HE hears and sees in secret, don’t be boastful, but be pure hearted, as Jesus says, That does proceed from thy mouth, COMES FROM THY HEART and defies a man, hence back to living in the Spirit, humbly and meekfully always Praising and Thanking and Worshipping Our Heavenly Father and Our LORD AND SAVIOR, Being the light and salt, denying yourself helping those in NEED NOT WANTS. 1st Corinthians 16:14 & Jeremiah 29:11! Peace To All My Brothers And Sisters In-Christ By “God’s Grace”
    A True And Faithful Believer *After My First 46yrs of being ignorant of “The Word Of God”, has been Blessed By God’s Grace In Bringing The Word To My ears, which then My Heart yearned to know, what I was never introduced to during My younger years, being 49yrs old now, I have been redeemed, and have never felt nor experienced such Felt LOVE, even as a child, “My God, My Lord And Savior, I thank You, Praise You and Acknowledge You Each and every day Worshipping Your Word, continuing daily, To continue to heed, chew, meditate to grasp the deep knowledge and Godly Wisdom, You Father Want All To know and understand, not man’s definition nor translation, but GOD’S MEANING. As no one in the FLESH CAN PLEASE GOD!

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