Widow’s prayer for God’s guidance

by Fare (San Francisco, Ca)

Oh Lord, I humbly come to you to heal my heart. I have endured so much pain as a young widow. I lost the love of my life, and now have lost our home, furniture, peace of mind, everything..,and I feel so weak and ashamed that everything my husband and I worked for has been lost because I’ve been naive. My husband and I have always been good, compassionate and generous. Why then am I being tested? I plead for your guidance. Protect me from those that have stolen the little I had left. Starting from the estate sale person who cheated me out of thousands, and the investment advisor who misled me. Why have people been so dishonest with a grieving and broken hearted widow. Protect me and my daughters from harm. Help me forgive those that have hurt us.

Do not allow me to become synical of humanity. I know there are many with kind and genuine hearts.
Please Lord help me find a job and an inexpensive home. Something small and humble. I plead and pray for your strength. Help me learn and guide others that may be going through my same pain and circumstances, that I may protect and guide them from those with ill intent.