Why does this statue and her image in Mexico still stand and exist?

by Gabriel ()

True God in the name of the true Jesus Christ, we have a question to ask you. Why have NOT THE SELF PROCLAIMED POLITICALLY and MORALY CORRECT PEOPLE OF AMERICA NOT THROWN DOWN and gotten rid of permanently THE OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE STATUE MADE OF BRONZE here in Santa Fe NM USA that stands right next to the OLD Guadalupe church which is right next to the new Our Lady of Guadlupe Church by those people? It was INDIGINOUS PEOPLES DAY THIS MONDAY. They threw down an obolisk that came into being as a result of the OUR LADY OF GUADALUPES preventing the Indiginous People from killing ALL THE INVADERS. Why is this lady who is worshipped more than you true GOD still standing? For it was this OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE who PREVENTED THE Native American Indians from KILLING ALL the SPANIARDS which paved the way for the SPANIARDS to open up america to the world all this BECAUSE of the our Lady of Guadalupe whose image is in MEXICO CITY RIGHT NOW. She didnt let the INDIANS KILL a few thousand Spaniards, what the Indians intended to do. So now LOOK where the Indians are and where the Spaniards are. The INDIANS are living like savages on reservations not going out into the world and makeing BILLIONAIRS of themselfs to fullfill the american dream and the Spaniards are millionairs fullfilling the american dream. The INDIANS could have TAKEN OVER AMERICA AND IN A SENSE BOUGHT IT BACK, instead they stayed dormant on those reservations under CONTROL of the white man, but no CHINA owns more of america than anyone else. OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE, she did a GOOD JOB AT SHAFTING THE NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS OVER YEARS AGO. One of the INDIANS OWN DIETYS.

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